What is a Co-op and Why You Should Join One

The term “Co-op” is the abbreviated way to say cooperatively, collectively or together. Don’t do it on your own! According to the homeschool mom dot com, “a homeschool co-op is a group of families who meet together and work cooperatively to achieve common goals. Co-ops can be organized around, academics, social-time, the arts, activities, crafts,Continue reading “What is a Co-op and Why You Should Join One”

Are you a School-at-Home, Unschooling or World-schooling Homeschooler?

If you’re new to the homeschooling scene then you’re probably still doing quite a bit of research and still creating your identity as a homeschooling parent and family. I bet that prior to reading this blog post, you even thought all homeschooling families were alike or that there was only one way to do homeschooling;Continue reading “Are you a School-at-Home, Unschooling or World-schooling Homeschooler?”

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